Special Report The march of legend Ranieri in numbers

The Italian training legend Claudio Ranieri has returned to English from the gate of the Craven Coutage Stadium in London to oversee the training of Fulham Premier League co-hosts.

Renieri's return from Leicester City has captured the attention of the English press. Italy has become a legend since its 2016 foxes to lift the Premiership title in a spherical miracle that has not been seen in English football since the 1990s, when Blackburn and Newcastle appeared.

On the occasion of the Professor's return to his career in numbers ..

(17) .. This is the seventeenth team that supervises the Italian training, Fulham is the club number 16 in his career, where he supervised Valencia on two occasions, and had an international experience with the Greek team.

(209). It is the number of matches that Ranieri oversaw the English Premiership in the Premier League, with Chelsea and Leicester City, in six seasons, winning almost half of them 104.


(5,000-1). Do you believe that this was the likelihood of Leicester winning the Premier League title in the 2015-16 season, which means that among every 5,000 people there is one person who expects the crowning of the foxes.

(10). The Italian was one of ten coaches who earned the Premiership title with his new title. Only Wenger Ferguson and Mourinho are the coaches who have won the title more than once.

(297) is the number of days the English Premier League needed to take on Ranieri, from the top to the dismissal, where not a year passed before his departure from King Power.

(4). Juventus coach Roma Inter and Chelsea and several other European clubs took only four games to be expelled by the Greek Confederation from the training of the Greek team after a historic loss against the Faroe Islands, followed by training Leicester and make history.

(39). A very interesting figure deserves the end. The Slavic coach, Slavisa Jokanovic, played all his matches as a 39-year-old with Ranieri, who is now on his way to replace him with the Cottagers.