Ramos: "I do not need to respond to Lofrin's criticism"

The Spanish captain spoke at a number of points at the press conference of the expected confrontation between La Roja and his Croatian counterpart in the UEFA Champions League.

The Spanish team will be a heavy guest on his Croatian counterpart Thursday evening at the stadium "Maximir", the League of European Nations.

"There are players who take longer to mature and we have to assume that this is normal, although young people have to move slowly forward," Ramos said at the start of the team's status with the new faces.

"The important thing is that we all do not want to give up, and certainly with that desire there will be far fewer problems."

"The new faces in the national team are positive because the competition is good and leads to an eventual upgrade."

"I do not miss their support at all when the Bernabeu fans give you a whistle because they want you to do more," he said.

I've always had a good time standing with the audience. If I have 14 seasons and I've heard whistles from the audience one day I'll be forever grateful to those years when I did not hear those whistles " .

Liverpool midfielder Diane Lovrin has criticized Ramos in earlier statements that the latter made more mistakes than he did.

Ramos replied: "There are people who do not know how to get out of their frustrations, for me I will not respond to him ... Time will put everyone in his place ... It is not Sergio Ramos who should respond to Lofren. Wants to win three pictures on the pages of magazines and three news bulletins. "

"If some people try to make use of talking about me, they have to stand with themselves a bit and present themselves to the people better, through their profession and what they offer on the pitch, not by talking about others, .